March 26, 2007

Card Notes - March 26

Escape From New York

I heard that they're going to remake Escape from New York, which is a total crying shame, because you just know that the new movie just won't have the same magic as the first--from Ernest Borgnine's aw shucks cabbie to Isaac Hayes' chandelier-on-the-hood Cadillac, that movie was fantastic in every way. Which got me thinking: what exactly will the incoming owners of Topps do with the company? The hobby's supposed to be on an upswing, and Topps deserves at least 50% of the credit for that (if not more), right? I can't walk ten feet in a big box retail store without salivating at the sight of a stack of blaster boxes of Heritage and Bowman Basketball Draft Picks, so you'd have to think marketing and distribution are doing their jobs to the fullest. Despite the competition, the buyouts, the lawsuits and the lean years, have the past 55 years or so been salad days at Topps? Are we only now getting to the real test of the relationship between company and collector? Just a few questions as I try to imagine a few new Snake Pliskins in New York.

Army of 792

If you had to choose sides right now, which would you choose: Topps or Upper Deck?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, really ever since I learned Ryan Howard chose Topps. It got me thinking: if by becoming a Topps spokesman, what if Howard would have to join the other Topps spokesmen and women on an island once a year where they would battle the spokesmen and women from Upper Deck in gladiator-style fights? Who do you think would win? As much as I love Topps, I'm guessing Upper Deck would win, simply because Barry Bonds is no longer a Topps spokesman and Alex Rodriguez can't win when it counts. Oh, and Dwyane Wade crunched out one of his limbs and Jay Z is not an athlete. That leaves Howard and David Wright taking on all of Upper Deck, and last time I checked, Upper Deck owned all the other players in the entire universe.

Anyway, these are a few tattoos that the Topps spokesmen would definitely sport if it were up to me.

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