February 27, 2007

The Tony Oliva Story

Three-time batting champion, and the only batter to win the title in both his first two seasons. Eight-time All-Star. 1964 American League Rookie of the Year. Luis Tiant called him the best hitter he ever faced, yet the Veterans Committee has never called his name. I give you the improbable, the incomparable, the incredible...The Tony Oliva Story.


Marcus said...

Add him to the list with Ron Santo, Andre Dawson, Goose Gosage and many more that are being denying entry into Cooperstown for no apparent reason.

Also, I have started a new message board about anything and everything baseball and am hoping to make it successful. It is literally brand new and I would love if everyone would join it and make their opinion heard.

Marcus said...

This is another example of the countless number of individuals that should be in Cooperstown but are held out. Goose Gosage, Andre Dawson, Santos, etc.

Also, I have made a message board about anything and everything baseball and it is literally brand new. I hope to get it off the ground and make it successful, so everyone should join and make their opinions heard.