November 16, 2006

Wallet Worthy: 1971 Topps Jack Snow

This is the funniest card I’ve seen in a long time. JT’s dad looks more like a comic version of Lurch from The Addams Family that he does a football player. Really, all he needs is a top hat, white gloves and a cane. I don’t know what makes this card: is it his splayed out legs? Or maybe his thick brown hair, parted just so…Or his crazy eyes and gigantic grin? Or maybe it's his shoulder pads way the hell up in his face? No, it definitely has to be his right hand, fingers out, like he’s cutting the air as swift as a sprint-ripped fart.

Also, if you squint real hard, is that Ben from Wet Hot American Summer? Or maybe Coop? All I’m saying is, if you were a little kid in the Seventies and you had to choose a sleep-away camp, wouldn’t you choose the one with Jack Snow as your camp counselor? Especially because there was always a chance that other NFL stars might show up to earn some off-season beer money. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to swim with Billy Joe DuPree or trade campfire ghost stories with Bill Kilmer? Sounds like a helluva summer to me.

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