November 17, 2006

If I Did

Consider this my confession: If I had been responsible for designing a Topps insert set, this is definitely not the set I would’ve come up with. These portraits are just horrible, and this one with Gehrig and Ripken is the worst of the bunch. The portrait of Ripken doesn’t even look believable as a human being. Frankly, if Topps had come to me for an idea for an ‘Iron Men’ insert card, I would’ve done a helluva better job.

I would’ve suggested a tasteful portrait of gigantic robots, with one dressed in an Orioles uniform and one in a Yankees uniform, shooting lasers at each other from their eyes. And of course the foreground would be dotted with smaller human players running around, scared shitless. All in all, it would've been a totally sick nightmare of robot fun, if I do say so myself.

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