October 18, 2006

Appreciation: Smilin’ Tom Glavine

When was the last time you saw Tom Glavine smile? For me, it was on his 1988 Topps card, coincidentally his rookie, using a photo of him where he can’t be more than 17 years old. It’s almost like it was taken on his birthday and he got to dress up as a major leaguer and get his photo taken in front of a Sears Photo Studio back-lit backdrop.

Also, upon further examination, Glavine has horrible, yellowy chain-smoker’s teeth (not to mention his smile looks more like he’s about to say something rather than a face he’s making on purpose). I guess that that’s the real reason he stopped smiling for the camera way back at the beginning: nobody wants to hero-worship a guy who puts his rotting teeth on prominent display. It’s much easier to worship a toothless stoic.

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