January 21, 2006

Get on it, New York.

Why can’t New York City get its act together and put in a decent card shop near where I live or work? Or, you know, it doesn’t even have to be near where I live or work. It could be out in Canarsie, or up on the Upper West Side, or even in a hole in the wall on St. Mark’s Place. I just need to be able to go in there once a month or so and be able to flip through the crusty pages of a three-ring notebook filled with overpriced Robin Yount doubles. I’m sick of only being able to buy stuff mail order or on eBay.

Comic book collectors have always taken a lot of shit. They may think they have the right to complain because of this, but baseball card collectors, in my estimation, have it much worse. Comic book collectors don’t know how lucky they are, especially in New York City. They’re going through a near-Renaissance, if you ask me, what with at least two strong shops in Midtown Comics and Jim Hanley’s Universe on 33rd. Baseball card collectors ain’t got shit. Nothing. Not even a neighborhood drugstore where we can buy a couple of packs at near-outrageous prices and ogle FHM with a pesky, balding, old-timey pharmacist in wire-rim glasses looking down over them disapprovingly from the back of the store. (And if you know of any place like this, let me or Josh know right away).

You know, actually, I’m sure there are places in New York City that sell baseball cards. I’ve been looking and just haven’t found them. Part of me wants to be more than just an active appreciator of baseball cards, and make buying packs and singles and Ultra Pro pages and slippery plastic sleeves and top loaders and 800 count boxes part of my routine again. And the fact that I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in one of the biggest cities in the country and the world, well, that’s the most frustrating thing of all.


jesse said...

When I was a kid, there was a card stor in Canarsie, but it closed years ago. What's more disappointing is that the card/comic store a half-block from Madison Square Garden closed a couple of months ago. Most of the cards I get now, I get off the Internet, or from the big vending machine at the Eckerd around the corner from my house -- but it wasn't taking dollar bills today, ruining an otherwise lovely Saturday afternoon.

Carl said...

There is a baseball card/comic shop up in my neighborhood, on the UES. It's called Alex's MVP Cards, on 89th between 2nd and 3rd (I think). I have only bought one card there, but have bought various sizes of plastic sheets to showcase my Carlton Fisk collection, which has grown rapidly in the last few years since all the companies feel the need to make 75 versions of the same card.

Colin said...

any other shop recommendations for the city?

Anonymous said...

In the past, I've stopped by St. Mark's Comics on St. Parks Place to buy cards. They don't have any old stuff, just some boxes of Topps and Upper Deck near the cash register (pulled a Pujols autograph from a pack bought at this shop -- not too shabby).

I echo your frustration, though. I now live on Hilton Head Island, which has zero baseball card shops. Comics shops in nearby Savannah don't carry baseball stuff, so I find myself feeding my addiction at Target.

I'm in NYC a lot, and would love to know a place that carries vintage cards.

John said...

It is very true about sports card shops the city lacks them. Most "collectable" stores are comics book items etc. I would recommend Alex's MVP Shop;
256 E 89TH St
New York, NY 10128-4324

I have never bought a card there but have bought card holders and browsed. I am looking to sell some of my vintage stuff so if that happens anytime soon we may see a mid town card shop heheh :) Good luck out there.

Anonymous said...