December 15, 2014

Help Me Grade This Card: 1953 Topps Ed Mathews

Now, I'm not a professional grader, just a longtime collector. I have a pretty good idea what constitutes gem mint, and what's considered poor. It's just everything in between that throws me.
I've scanned one of my cards here. Help me out by giving it a grade in the embedded poll.

1953 Topps Ed Mathews #37
This has always been one of my favorite cards—the subject, the artwork, the classic 1953 Topps set. It just works aesthetically for me. I think I paid $25 for this, and it was encased by a no-name grading company. They had it as a 4, I think. It was a struggle to remove it from its airtight case. I don't think I was ripped off at $25, but did I get a deal?

1 comment:

Robert said...

I would say that $25 was a really good deal for that card. I know I wouldn't have been upset with that price...