December 24, 2014

Grade This Card: 1962 Post Cereal Roberto Clemente

I'm not a professional grader, just a longtime collector. I have a pretty good idea what constitutes gem mint, and what's considered poor. It's just everything in between that throws me. I've scanned one of my cards here. Help me out by giving it a grade in the embedded poll.

1962 Post Cereal Roberto Clemente #173
There was a time when I was only a handful of cards away from completing this set. Then something happened: I stopped caring. I couldn't bring myself to pay $10 for a couple of Cubs. I passed on an Adcock error. I had doubles of Marty Keough. I sold off most of my near-complete set, but I saved a few of the stars, including this one of Clemente. There's an inherent DIY type of beauty in collecting cereal-box cards. For one thing, the cards had to be cut out from the cereal box. You're probably not going to find cards with incredibly straight edges. I have to stop writing about this set. I'm going to want to start collecting it again!

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Nick Urban said...

I have three of the Roberto Clemente ones are they even worth anything