June 12, 2013

Cecilio Guante Facts

Cecilio Guante, 1986 Topps

Cecilio Guante discovered genuine happiness in the spring of '84.

This Cecilio Guante baseball card is the most popular Cecilio Guante baseball card, according to me, who has 1,200 copies of this Cecilio Guante baseball card.

The ratio of Cecilio Guante-to-any-other-player in this 1986 Topps set is 17-to-1.

According to Wikipedia, Guante wore a giant G for Guante on his glove.

Here is proof of that statement.

The "G" actually stood for glove, which helped Guante distinguish his baseball glove from his hat and other things like food.

One time Cecilio Guante tried to catch a bat with a shin guard because none of the equipment was properly identified.

"Guante" is Spanish for glove.

Cecilio Guante and Rick Rhoden were traded to the Yankees for Doug Drabek in 1987.

That trade worked out great for the Yankees, as Rhoden would go on to have an illustrious rap career and Cecilio Guante would win the 1990 NL Cy Young Award.

Cecilio Guante is on facebook, but it might not be this Cecilio Guante.

Nope, it is this Cecilio Guante.

Cecilio Guante could not find a profile picture for his facebook page.

You can like Cecilio Guante's facebook page free of charge.

Here is a trivia question about Cecilio Guante:

What is Cecilio Guante's favorite musical band?

I don't know; you'd have to ask him.

Nirvana, maybe.

Or Simon and Garfunkel. Because of that song.

Here is another Cecilio Guante trivia question:

The answer is Cecilio Guante.

Thanks for playing!

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