February 13, 2013

Will Clark, Starbrite Superstar

Will Clark, Starbrite Superstars, Year unknown

I'm very much a less is more type of person. I guess it's just that I have what some people might call "taste." I don't need any bells and whistles or distractions in life or on my baseball cards. When I actively collected, I was always drawn to cards where the picture of the player was the focus. The less stupid crap that was on the card, the better, which is why -- like many -- I was mildly obsessed with Upper Deck and Stadium Club ... before, ya' know, discovering boobs. But at card shows I would find these strange cards that were the most no-frills cards I had ever seen, and I loved them with all my heart. It was as if the makers of these cards refused to insult my intelligence. Here is Will Clark. His name is Will Clark. You know the rest. Enjoy.

Now, as few frills as I desired on the front, I did have a great appreciation for the statistical information on the back. Aside from newspaper box scores and watching the actual games, the backs of baseball cards were how I learned about players back in the diz-ay. Unfortunately, in that regard, these splendid picture cards had little to offer.

Person 1: What should we call our company?

Person2: "Company," ha!

Person1: Lol!

Person2: Wipes tear.

Person1: Seriously though.

Person2: I've always liked stars, and the sun. I enjoy their brightness. The sun is a star, technically.

Person1: Sometimes in baseball they call the better players "superstars." I feel like we could mesh these two concepts. How about: "Bright Stars of Ball Stars Super Company, LTD?"

Person2: Eh. I think we should shorten it. I'm envisioning it wrapping around the semi-circle of a rising sun, which is technically a sta-

Person1: I know dude. I went to school, too. How about "Starbrite Superstars?"

Person2: Passes out.

Person2: Wakes up. I almost just died that name is so perfect. Do we know any graphic artists?

Person1: My nephew once drew a picture.

Person2: Let's brainstorm.

Person1: We know what stars and the sun look like. The sun's rays can easily be represented with simple lines.

Person2: You know a lot about art.

Person1: Thanks. But what objects represent baseball?

Person2: How about baseballs? And a bat maybe. A baseball bat.

Person1: What about gloves?

Person2: I don't think they use gloves anymore.

Person1: Should we put a bird on it?

Person2: No.

Person1: How many "superstars" are there in baseball?

Person2: I don't watch much baseball, but: 21.

Person1: We have a lot of work to do.


Fuji said...

I've never seen this set before. If Gwynn was in it, I'd like to find it.

city said...

thanks for share...

mkenny59 said...

@Fuji: I could swear I have a Gwynn one like this, I will look.