February 23, 2013

2013 Arrested Development Set - Pack Break

Much like the rest of the known universe, I'm a huge fan of Arrested Development, the TV show that ran for three seasons on Fox. When I heard that Netflix would be airing a new, fourth season starting in May, I was giddy. So it's only natural that when I heard rumors about this set back at the National last August, I was hopeful that it wouldn't get mired in production hell and find a way to get released before the new season.

Well, my local dealer finally got a case of these in. He had boxes priced at $65, which leads me to believe that there must be autographs and relics and other hits in the mix. He couldn't find me a sell sheet, but I'm sure I could if I do enough digging on the old Interwebs. In the meantime, I bought a few packs.

Here's what I do know. The base set is 75 cards of characters from the show. The pack mentions the odds of getting a variation, so I'm going to assume that there are also SSPs lurking. I know there are lenticular inserts and at least two auto/relic inserts (Star Signs and autographed Teamocil letter patches), and I heard something about Bluth Banana wrappers, though I don't remember those from the show. Maybe it's a throwback item? That could be cool. 

Here is my first pack. (8 cards per pack; $3/pack)

Pack 1

#9 - T-Bone

#47 - The Stair Car

#1 - Michael Bluth
#31 - Mr. Bananagrabber

#45 - Phillip Litt (Never-Nude variation)

#57 - The Aztec Tomb

#46 - Phylidia Featherbottom

#29 - Roger Danish
These cards are neat. I'll try to post the other pack in the next few days, along with a quick review of the set.


TTG said...

Nicely done!

tourist504 said...

Nice work!

defgav said...

Reading this post, I went back and forth about believing they were real. Now, sadly, I'm skeptical. LOL. Pretty sweet cards. I hope you really do a pt 2 to this post someday.