June 03, 2012


Harold Reynolds, 1989 Topps

'Sup girl.

Me? Just hanging out by this fence, takin' it all in, letting the sun wash over me. What camera? Pfft. Didn't even notice it. Yo man, get outta here with that mess! For real ... a baller can't even smile handsomely along a fence these days without some paparazzo trying to snap a pic. It's crazy out here in the 8-9.

So whatchu drinkin' on? Oh yeah? I like that, I like that. So yo, check for me later. I'll be out in the field. I'll be the one with the golden glove, so don't let it blind ya', okay? Alriiiiight.

Oh, and they call me H.R. But somethin' tells me you already knew that. Winks. Holla.



The flip up shades just screams it's business time.

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