June 08, 2012

Congrats to Million Page View Giveaway Winners!

They said it couldn't be done. They said, with nearly 40 entries not affiliated with The Blog in any way (ahem, Mike Kenny), the odds were stacked against them. But somehow, some way—actually, using Random.org's random-number generator—these five commenters found a way (again, with the random-number generator) to come out on top.

Nice work everybody. Way to be completely random. Now on to the winners...

Facebook commenter Shane K came away with this semi-awesome, semi-amazing, and totally glossy group of Swell Baseball Greats. Congratulations Shane K on your new set of drink coasters, er, priceless additions to your baseball card collection.

Blog commenter Uncle John's Band is the new owner of these way cool vintage semistar Topps cards. Though would you ever call Bill Freehan a "semistar" to his face? I know I wouldn't.

Lucky Facebook commenter BA Benny can now welcome these three horrifying yellow blazers from that hard-to-find early Nineties gem 1991 Fleer to their collection. Congratulations? I'm not sure.

And good tidings are in order for Blog commenter Mark the proud new owner of the Ichiro box-topper and the Ryan Howard Goudey SP. Way to go Mark! By the way, that Ichiro card is still in its wrapper! (Is this still a thing we get excited about? I mean—AWESOME!)

And finally, drum roll please, I would like to congratulate Facebook commenter Mike G, the new owner of these weather-beaten cards of Hall of Famers Ed Mathews, Johnny Bench, Billy Williams, and Brooks Robinson. Like a pack of hobo drifters, plucked from the bicycle spokes of history, these four cards are incredible. Enjoy.

To everyone else, your consolation prize ain't bad, either: More Missing Card posts, hilarity from Mike Kenny, and new projects from the PunkRockPaint laboratory are coming to The Baseball Card Blog in the next year. Thanks for the comments and for reading!

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