May 12, 2012

1976 Topps Traded: The Missing Cards - #48T Joe Ferguson

Ferguson was famous for a few things: his home-run heroics in the 1974 World Series while a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers; his record-setting 1973 season when he made only three errors behind the plate; he had a bazooka for an arm, which helped gun down runners as an outfielder; and there was another athletic Joe Ferguson who was famous at the exact same time. I can think only one other occurrence of this off the top of my head: Eddie Murray, the great slugger for the Baltimore Orioles and Eddie Murray the kicker for the Detroit Lions.


gcrl said...

man, as much as i was a fan of steve yeager's, i might have pulled for joe ferguson more. his strike from right field in the 1974 series is right up there with dave parker's throws in the 1979 all-star game as far as outfield assists go.


I was only 9 years old, but remember MY FAVORITE DODGER OF ALL TIME, #13 JOE FERGUSON (and the reason I, at 51 now, still wear that number), come into the picture in front of "The Toy Cannon," Jimmy Wynn and throw out Sal Bando unwisely tagging up thinking Wynn wouldn't make the throw. Mom, Dad and I were all watching. They're gone now but THANK YOU for bringing that wonderful memory back tonight. God Bless.