November 12, 2011

While I Have Been Away...

I really should apologize for leaving you without my silly custom cards for so long... But I won't. I'll just show you one of the projects that I have been working on lately.

Completing my submission for the annual Halloween custom card making contest over at Thorzul Will Rule, took up a fair amount of time. It is now past Veterans Day, and he still hasn't announced a winner. I didn't receive an honorable mention, nor did I place third or second... So I'm thinking if he ever gets around to posting the winner, I stand a reasonable chance of finishing in the top spot. (He's a new dad, so I imagine he is just a little bit busy. Congrats on creating a new Brewers fan, from all of us at TBCB!)

It has been a while since I sent in my submission, and I really like seeing my work displayed for the public, so here is a little preview:



It was a minor news story back in '85. You might have missed it. Zombies took over the art department at Fleer on Halloween evening. Apparently, the zombies made some interesting changes to the baseball cards for 1986 that the living designers had been diligently preparing for the following spring. (Note: the "living" designers were only living until, of course, their brains were eaten.) 

Word around the hobby campfire was that some of the Zombified cards made their way into wax packs in '86. I had not heard about them until shortly after the contest was announced. I was searching through a bargain bin at my local card shop looking for ideas, and I stumbled across the card shown above.

I decided at that moment I needed to find these so-called Zombified 1986 Fleer baseball cards to submit to the contest as my own work. It took several days of scavenging the internet, but I was able to purchase a complete pack of the Zombified cards on eBay for just under $90 (with FREE shipping from Romania!)

I'm not sure what the cards look like inside the sealed wax pack, but when they are revealed on Thorzul Will Rule, I will add a link here. WooHoo! I Won!

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