September 22, 2011

Custom Card Gallery A-Go-Go

I've started working on a custom-card project for my wife's organization and it got me thinking: there are a lot of writers and artists out there creating great custom card work on their individual blogs. The problem? The work is scattered all over the Internet.

There have been previous attempts at collecting custom work in one place, but there are so many great artists that a custom card hub has been hard to put together all at once. 

So here's what I'm suggesting. I'm going to start a dedicated gallery page on this blog of custom card artwork. We here at The Baseball Card Blog will add a few pieces to it, and if you want to submit and add to it, we'll post your custom work. In a few months, we should start to have the makings of a comprehensive custom card museum gallery.

Interested in adding your work? Here's what you should send us: 
1. Your card, sent as a jpg.
2. Your name and a URL, if you have one.
3. Any artist's description, limited to two sentences.


Mark A. said...

You cannot fool us with your card trickery. That is not Luciano Pavarotti pictured, but Dom DeLuise.

Clinton said...

Nonsense. That's me in 10 years. Only without the whole "I can sing opera" thing going on. But the beard and the fatness are accurate.