July 20, 2011

Deep Thoughts on a Deep Fly

Chris Chambliss, 1985 Topps

Chris Chambliss hit one of the most famous home runs in Yankee, and baseball, history. A walk-off jack at Yankee Stadium to end the 1976 ALCS. More famous than the home run itself was the ensuing scene, when drunken Yankee fans stormed the field and Chambliss was forced to barrel his way around the bases—Get off me, Vinnies!—never actually touching home plate. It was the proudest moment in Yankee fandom history, except for the time Jeffery Maier reached over the wall and helped the team secure a different ALCS, and also this.

Wikipedia has a wonderful collection of quotations regarding the home run, one of them from Chambliss himself, after being asked, I assume, “What was your first thought when you hit the home run?” Sayeth Chambliss:

My first thought was that I hit a home run.

Okay, okay. Let me ask you this though—what was your second thought?

Then I realized it was the ninth inning, the game was over and we’d won the championship.

Chris Chambliss’ thought process going up to hit that day: It is my turn to hit. I am going to stand in the batter’s box and ready myself to hit. I play for the New York Yankees. The pitcher is going to throw the baseball. Here comes the baseball. I am going to swing now. Hits ball. I hit a home run.

Anyhoo, if you’re the Topps baseball card company, you can’t be talking about Chambliss’ home run all the time. Gets old after a while. Gotta cover some other bases, to use a baseball metaphor in this baseball discussion. For example, here is a question an average baseball fan and Chambliss enthusiast may want to know: Is Chris Chambliss related to any former professional basketball players? Also, does he like swordfish?

Chris is a cousin of former NBA star, JoJo White.

Cool! I can relate to the Chambliss-White family’s success in athletics. Me and my cousin Mark (a.k.a. MarkMark) both played for the Dodgers.*

He lists his favorite food as swordfish.

Who does, JoJo White? Or:

Chris Chambliss: Today I am going to formulate a list of my favorite foods, for reference. Number one … swordfish. Number two … croutons. Number three … Chef Boyardee stuffed raviolis. Number four … brie. Oh, no. My pen ran out. Jeeves!

One of Chris’ favorite hobbies is collecting phonograph records.

NEEEEEERRRRRRRD!!!!! Also, what?

*East Brunswick Baseball Managers Little League version. Team Manager: Jack Kenny (no relation, unless you count father).


mkenny59 said...

Ha, ha! De nada, de nada.

Bill said...

Si, Chambliss esta muy bien!