June 15, 2011

Topps SNL Archives: Pack 2

I haven't done a pack break in a while. But then again, my local shop was sold out of SNL Archives the last time I was there. This time, I called ahead and had him hold some for me. I only had a $10 on me when I stopped after work yesterday, so I only got a few packs. And, of course, my scanner's on the fritz, so I could only scan in the first pack. I'll post the other packs later this week.

Pack 2

181 - Christopher Guest

167 - "Lazy Sunday"

11 - Original Cast

191 - The Clash

72 - Jay Pharoah

27 - The Coneheads

Pretty sweet-looking cards. despite the needless gigantic "SNL Archives 2011" stamp. The images are a little grainy, but that's Topps for you. They probably pulled the images off a YouTube video or something. Anyways, I'm digging the card of The Clash. I had read that they included a few musicians. Awesome that they picked a photo of Joe Strummer rocking a mohawk. I'm also a fan of the year-specific imagery; they obviously did their homework.

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Matthew Glidden said...

I will never weary of these highlight cards.