April 25, 2011

The Psycho Eyebrows of Sam McDowell

Gimme cards of guys lookin' mean. Not living legends who didn't get the memo to maybe not wear the blue workshirt and blazer to the photoshoot because the photographer couldn't find his lasers backdrop. Is it just me or does anyone out there wish Larry Bird would grow out the shag mullet again? I felt like it all went downhill when he got the close-cropped cut back in 1989 or so. Seriously... why would you settle on a photo this boring for a subset called Heroes of Sport?

Gimme cards of guys who've been shot at.
 None of this J.-Edgar-Hoover-and-Clyde-Tolson-making-the-rounds-at-a-Bureau-bbq charade.

Gimme cards of guys chewing tobacco together––
[Nellie Fox: Now (spits) you see here, Harv'? (Spits.) See how I've drawn her in here? Well, watch this. Harvey Kuenn: Gosh Nellie! (Spits.) Fox: Thass right Harv. Old Nellie's makin' her dance! (They spit together, triumphantly.)]––not guys scratching their butts with their eyes closed.

Gimme cards of guys with photo-stat heads who would gladly kick your ass if you asked them nicely.

Or cool, calm Pitching Partners by day, hepcat cardsharps by night.

Or you know what? Just gimme any card starring psycho eyebrows.


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