January 25, 2011

Five Years

From the cluttered desk of The Baseball Card Blog

Five years ago I started writing this little blog. What began as a fun idea quickly became a large obsession for me as I wrote, collected, and generally did my part to cultivate the presence of baseball cards and baseball card collecting on the Internet. Lucky for me, lots of others felt the same way I did about these little pieces of cardboard, and soon the Web was buzzing with collectors in conversation.

The past five years have flown by on this blog, and what I love most about the Internet is the archive nature of it. I love that content generated years ago is still available with a few clicks of the mouse. I also find it fun that for all the high-tech mathematics and old fashioned jockeying for position within search engines, typing "1987 Topps" into Google, Yahoo! or Bing will still return a post I wrote in June 2006 within the first few results.

So what will the next five years bring at The Baseball Card Blog? Well, hopefully more fine writing about baseball cards. New co-writer Mike Kenny has contributed more than his share of that, providing us with some of the funniest insights into the topic anywhere; this blog is more than lucky to have him.

What else? Well, this year there will be more involvement from me. I'm going to start writing more often, contrasting Mike's insane bombast with more tempered reviews of baseball books and posts about my current obsession: the 1956 Topps baseball set.

It's a different, better, more amazing baseball card landscape on the Internet now than it was in 2006. And though there are literally hundreds of card blogs out there, I hope you'll continue to read ours.



Fuji said...

Five years? That's awesome... I haven't even reached my one year anniversary. Keep up the great blog!

mkenny59 said...

It's been my pleasure to contribute to an already great blog. Way to go on five years, Ben!

night owl said...

Yay, '56 Topps! Looking forward to it.

Play at the Plate said...

5 years?! That's an eternity in blogging. Congrats!

James B. Anama said...

You keep on writing, we'll keep on reading. Congrats on the five year anniversary of the Baseball Card Blog.

Just don't take any years off again.


JayBee Anama

NickL said...

long live!