August 16, 2010

From the Collection

Every now and again I like to slip on my smoking jacket, my fuzzy slippers, and my oil-free archival gloves, pad into my study, take down my oversized oil painting of forgotten uncle Griggs Wigwam Henry, spin open the combination lock on my in-no-way-over-the-top super-secret safe, and go through my collection of cardboard rarities. I'm surprised I've even shared this much with you. Oh well. Behold! Here are a few of my most prized treasures...

Johnny Podres, 1969 Topps #659
It is perhaps the most meta card from the 1960s: Johnny Podres on the Padres.

Hank Arft, 1949 Bowman #139
Lo, to be born without an easily tease-able name!

Dick Selma, 1967 Topps #386
This is one of the most impressive printing registration screw-ups I've ever seen.
Van Lingle Mungo, 1934 Diamond Stars #19
It appears someone bit off more Mungo than they could chew. 
Autographed Anthony Young, 1992 Topps #148
Bravely, the '16' in his signature 
referred to his uniform number, not his record (1-16, 1992).

Dodgers' Sluggers, 1957 Topps #400
In all seriousness, this is one of my favorite cards ever made.

Pete Rose, 1985 Donruss #254
I've always thought Pete looked kinda pensive in this photo, 
like he were a child seeking approval. I may be on the Expos, but I still got it, right?

Roy Sievers, 1956 Topps #75
Roy may have been a graceful outfielder, but here he looks like a drunk guy in a 1980s sex comedy, trying to catch the football without falling in the pool. 

 Joe Morgan TRADED, 1972 Topps #752
Why is this card a highlight? Three reasons: the guy in the background; Joe's muttonchop sideburns; and the fact that Joe Morgan signed it with a ballpoint pen.

Rod Carew, 1968 Topps #80
Far out! I got a Rod Carew in my pack!
Be a pal and hand me that pencil, would you? 

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: damn, Ben, where'd you get the cheddar for all these fine sports cards? And how can I emulate your devil-may-care attitude?

Well, my friend, you're in luck. As little as 15 years ago, without reliable access to card shows and a slobbering, rag-tag band of sweaty-armpitted, mouth-breathing sports-card shop owners to take your hard-earned cash, you were poop out of luck of ever amassing even a fraction of the collection I've laid before you here today. But thanks to the cornucopia of benevolence found on the Internet, untold treasures are only a click away!

Want to be knee-deep in the fool's gold of 1991 Fleer baseball? Poof! You're wading through stack upon stack of that horrid set. You want to spend your next paycheck on an unopened case of 1985 Donruss? Poof! It's yours... And when life gives you 49 Frank Tanana Diamond Kings, you'll be happy to make Diamond King Tanana-ade...


Trey said...

I wish ESPN would trade Joe Morgan!

"You know you have to hit the ball to get a hit"

Really Joe???

SportsCardGirl said...

Wow that's all i can say for this cards. So sweet..

natscards said...

Man, that Dodgers Sluggers card is sweet. Wouldn't mind getting one of those myself.