June 15, 2010

Weak Pull!!!

Too much of the hobby is centered on the "great pull": Autographed jersey cards, cards dipped in gold, and other "case hit" cards that get the random collector in the pages of Beckett Sports Monthly. I'm kind of sick of reading about all the lucky readers who were "smart" enough to plunk down another bazillion dollars for a high-risk box of Upper Deck Blood Diamond... seriously, why didn't Upper Deck come up with a product with that name? I can see it: Parallel versions in silver, gold, saran wrap, and super-ultra-rare cards bedazzled in red diamonds.

Thus, the inaugural edition of Weak Pull!!!, where I highlight the crappiest card of a given pack. Today, I was lucky enough to pull this card of David DeJesus from a pack of Topps T206, which only cost $4.



NickL said...

what's the opposite of 'congratulations'?

Play at the Plate said...

Funny. It may be tough to decide with a lot of packs.

RoyalsWin! said...

DeJesus is a good player but that is an awful looking card.