May 20, 2010

Casey at the Bat Poster

Last week I put the finishing touches on a set of two 24" x 36" posters of the "Casey at the Bat" project I did at the end of 2008. I should be getting them back from the printer any day now.

I'm posting this because I'd like to find out if there's more interest in either

A) Two, ready-for-framing 24" x 36" posters


B) One longer/larger poster (not sure of the dimensions)

In terms of price, I'm thinking $25 for the set of two 24" x 36" posters (signed and numbered out of 250 by yours truly). I'm not sure how much the longer/larger size would be.

I want to create a size that's easy to hang or tack up in a cubicle or bedroom. Share your thoughts as a comment to this post.


skoormit said...

I'm all for B, even if it is a bit more expensive.

Nick said...

would go for either. I like the idea of B, but practically it might not work.

RoofGod said...

I like A, I think that B will be too impractical.

rmansfield said...

I'd definitely pick up one of the option A. Great stuff.

Card said...

I'll want a couple either way.

Todd Uncommon said...

I think option A, also.

Do you anticipate any problems from Panini, Topps, or UD with this project?

I hope not.

--David said...

I'm all for either option! This sounds like a great idea!