February 05, 2010

Purge: The first cards to go

Purge update. There's no turning back. Those of you who want to trade with me or want some of my cards, email me and we'll figure something out. Also, two nights ago I started listing cards on eBay. You can follow my auctions here.

Last night I posted three lots of 1959 Topps Venezuelan, nine cards total. Almost immediately, they all sold at the "buy it now" price. If you're interested in Venezuelan cards, I have about 20 from 1960 and 16 from 1966, in various conditions, with Hall of Famers, stars of the day, rookies, Yankees, Dodgers, and commons.

Also this weekend, I'll be posting a whole bunch of lots from the 1970s, as well as going through and putting together a 1986 Topps set, then giving away all the doubles. If you're in the Brookline/Boston area and have a hankering for 1986 Topps baseball cards, drop me a line before I drop them on Craigslist.

The Keeper List update. As part of The Epiphany, I'm putting together a list of Keepers. What makes a card a Keeper? It's a card I have a favorable gut reaction to, if that makes any sense. For me the holy quintet of baseball cards is 1953 Topps Ed Mathews, 1954 Topps O'Brien Brothers, 1958 Topps Stan Musial All-Star, 1959 Topps Roy Campanella "Symbol of Courage" and 1972 Topps Roberto Clemente. These are cards I'd consider framing, cards that transcend their subjects, cards that I consider artwork. Of course there are others: 1978 Topps Eddie Murray, 1986 Donruss Jose Canseco, 1987 Topps Bo Jackson to name a few.

This is a work in progress, but you can follow that progress by viewing the Keeper List here. If you'd like to trade with me, these are the cards I'm interested in obtaining.

This weekend I'm going to start posting more about The Purge in earnest. But I'm serious, if you want to trade with me or you just plain want some of my cards, email me.

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SpastikMooss said...

I checked your keepers list to see if there's anything I could help you with, but alas, none. I am happy to see that Fred McGriff's rookie card makes it though - very good taste sir.