January 07, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure... Card 576

Warning: Parental advisory for violence, blood, foul language, and Bud Selig. This is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure cards by PunkRockPaint. If you have reached this page by accident and want to start at the beginning of the story click here.

Winding through the bowels of the stadium, Yount stops at a door marked AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY, and opens it  slowly. After peeking in quickly, he enters, pulling you in by your shirt. Slamming the door shut, he wedges a chair under the door handle. You are on hallowed ground, staring around in awe at the inside of the Brewers clubhouse. He spins you toward him and holds his finger against his lips, eyes darting around crazily. His voice is a whisper, “It’s the flu shots. It was in the flu shots.” “What are you talking abo…” He cuts you off, “Not a flu shot, something else. They drugged them. They seemed healthy at first, better than healthy…” his voice trails off as banging noises come from the door. “I don’t know how long it will hold… they became so strong… they…” his voice breaks off in a sob as his body seems to go slack, “... my teammates… my friends…” You grab his shoulders...

 and slap him across the face.  Go to Card #585
 and give him a hug.  Go to Card #583

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