August 28, 2008

Make Your Own Yankee Stadium Legacy Set

Overwhelmed by the massive, 1,000+ card Yankee Stadium sets that have come out this year? Me too. That's why I've got a better idea. If you want to celebrate Yankee Stadium in your own way, collect those cards that feature it in the background. The same can apply for those of you sick and tired of all things Yankee, who would rather focus on Shea Stadium and the Mets.

Because Topps calls New York City its home, many of its cards feature the two current New York City ballparks as part of the background. 1970 was a big year that comes to mind immediately, but there are plenty of others. And the best part of these DIY Yankee and Shea Stadium legacy sets is that your sets won't be composed of just Yankees or Mets--your set will include most or all of the other major league clubs as well.

Now I'm not a Yankees fan, but something like this appeals to me as a fan of baseball history, much more than a set full of cards of the same handful of players ad nauseam.

(From sorting through a few thousand cards from the 1970s, a Fenway Park Legacy set could also be put together this way.)


Billy Suter said...

I think they should've done a Shea Stadium Legacy set. It would make for a shorter set, and they could put a card for the Beatles in it.

PyroMessiah said...

I despise those Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. Every time I open a pack and see one of those in there I want to jump off a bridge. Packs these days have too few cards as it is, so wasting one with that nonsense is infuriating.