August 19, 2008

Fantastic Card of the Day

Because I'm on a miscut kick, today's card of the day is this version of Ike Brown's 1970 Topps card. A few other great things about the card (besides Brown sharing it 90/10 with Richie Scheinblum of the Cleveland Indians (card #161)):

• Scheinblum didn't make the Indians roster for 1970, but then went on to make the American League All-Star team in 1972 with the Kansas City Royals.

• Ike Brown's card in the Topps Baseball Cards Book is also poorly centered. Does that mean that the Topps file version of the card is also a terrible version?

• I'm beginning to find that I like cards of players where there are other players milling about in the background. Ike Brown's card has another player walking through the frame, making it seem like the Topps photographer either got to the stadium late to photograph Brown or had to squeeze him in. This theory actually makes sense, because Brown was a rookie in 1969.

• Because this version exists, there is at least one sheet of messed-up miscuts out there from the 1970 set.


Andy said...

Speaking of players visible in the background, I've noticed that a lot too on the 88 Topps blog. I never thought about it at all until I started examining each card for the blog.

I've discovered things like Johnny Ray appearing in a Pirates uniform in the background of Doug Drabek's card while he's in an Angels uni on his own card, and a big debate over that's George Brett in the background on Bret Saberhagen's card.

Jason said...

Y'know, if you just glance at Ike's card, it looks like his name is just "The Brown".

Perhaps he led a dual life in Mexico as luchadore El MarrĂ³n!

Anonymous said...

How about 1983 Topps #282 Reggie Smith, Smith never had any card that rated above common pricing except for this card. This card gets a book value of 50 cents because Ryne Sandbeg is ducking back into 2nd base.