June 14, 2008

Kicking the Habit

When I was growing up I felt different from my friends. You see, I was a collector. Not just of sports cards and other sports stuff, but of books, of postcards, of stamps, pennies, stickers, geodes; pretty much any and everything I could get my hands on. And as I grew older, I felt an internal struggle take hold. Part of me loved being surrounded by my stuff, the more the merrier. But the other half of me was going minimalist, call it the voice of reason. Not wanting to become a hoarder and end up buried alive in a Collier's mansion, I scaled back.

Why I am bringing this up, you ask? Well, I've hit another wave of reason, and I've decided I'm going to scale my collection back. Shocking as it may sound, I'm really going to only try to finish those sets that interest me and trade away the rest. That's right: the rest, as in the remainder of my collection, all 150,000 or so cards of it. Stars, commons, inserts, the whole shebang. It's the logical conclusion to writing The Baseball Card Blog full-time. (Year One: Revel in the re-found love of cards; Year Two: Try to make sense of the current scene; Year Three: Find the right path in collecting/Move on).

Thanks to everyone who traded with me!

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