February 11, 2008

Best of 2008 (so far)

I came out from under my rock yesterday for the good of some new cards. A few quick thoughts: Topps flagship disappoints in terms of photography and overall base card design. Also the incessant need for them to include a bounty of checklists, when really they should seed them one or two to a box. Also, a number of their inserts strike out, notably Own the Game, Mantle Home Run History (seriously, let's put this one to bed, Topps), and a needless gold foil parallel (I think I got a gold foil card in my pack, but I can't really tell the difference between the regular silver and special gold foils).

I like the gold-bordered parallel, as the gold helps balance the photograph on the front--much better than the regular white. Also winners: 50th Anniversary Rookie Team and Trading Card History inserts. The store where I got my cards had packs of TCH cards 26 - 30 (including the Ryan Howard 1982, above).

I also picked up a pack of the new Upper Deck, and I have to admit: I like the idea of getting 20 cards in a pack. I'm not so much a fan of paying $5 for a pack, though. Take it down to $3 per and I'm on board. Unlike my card blogger counterparts, the delicate silver foil name doesn't bother me so much, though I feel like UD has got to put more thought into the backs; they land somewhere between Fleer and a CBS Sports graphic. And you can count me as an early fan of the photography. This one of Jake Peavy is a contender for Card Photo of the Year.

For a full pack breakdown, see my post on A Pack A Day.


popguy said...

I feel like the two sets are true to form in their layouts and photography. There's a typical Topps base-set photo - and that what we've got here. I agree with you note-for-note regarding the inserts. I would add the Year in Review as well, for dopey ideas. Maybe we'll see World Series cards in Series Two.

Interesting to see Dontrelle, Miguel, Andrew Jones, and some others in airbrushed unis. Not a bad paint job...

Andrew said...

Upper Deck's photography is always good. But something about their cards seems to leave a bit to be desired. It's almost like they're TOO nice and TOO clean..It's hard to explain, but I almost look at them as miniature works of art or something instead of a baseball card.

For some reason, when I think about my favorite cards, I never think of anything Upper Deck. Still can't figure out why.