January 12, 2008

Coming Soon: The Baseball Card Book

Last year I ran a poll asking if a book based on and collected from The Baseball Card Blog would interest readers. A resounding 83% of the voters said yes (in one way or another).

Therefore, I have decided to release The Baseball Card Book in the first half of this year. It will be in PDF format, available for purchase on this blog, probably sometime in June (though I've been pushing myself over the last few weeks to have it ready before then). It will be at least 200 pages, with a special foreword from a respectable blogger (who is not me).

It's shaping up to be a readable compendium of the best essays, commentary, Fantastic Cards of the Day, and notes from the past two years of The Baseball Card Blog, including the full 1980s Countdown (which I've re-edited) and the full 1990 - 1994 Countdown (still in progress).

One of the only things left to determine is price. Here's where I'm opening it up to you. I'll start the conversation by saying that I was thinking of $7. How much would you pay for something like this?


barrow said...

I would love to read it, but not in PDF format. I prefer to be able to have the physical reading material in front of me as opposed to reading books on a screen.

Would you consider turning the PDF into a print edition? You could use a service such as Lulu.com. You could get very nicely bounded copies, print bout 20 of them, and get them for $8.53 a pop. I'd gladly send over some Paypal for 200 pages of sports card talk that I can take into the bathroom with me!

Eric said...

If it's a PDF book, it's gotta be free. ... If it's printed through a service such as Lulu.com, then it might be worth $10 to $12.

But the advantages of giving it away for free are huge. Chris Anderson, who wrote "The Long Tail," is a huge free advocate. In fact, his next book is titled, "Free" Here's a recent post from his blog: http://www.longtail.com/the_long_tail/2008/01/why-give-away-y.html