October 16, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #45: Thomas for Griffey, Jr.

This trade comes in from Clark in Tampa, Florida.

Giving: Ken Griffey Jr. Heads Up, #241
Getting: Frank Thomas, 1991 Upper Deck

One of the biggest crimes of early Nineties baseball cards was that Upper Deck failed to include Frank Thomas in their 1990 set. Instead, fans had to wait until 1991 for this gem of a card: Baby-faced Frank sitting on the bench, giving the finger to an unknown hater on the other end of the bench. Also, the guy behind Thomas looks a lot like Sammy Sosa, though I could be wrong.

About the Griffey card: I'm really confused about the blue bib illustration just below Griffey's chin. I'm hoping that it's not supposed to be the crew neck of the uniform, but actually a poorly-hinted-at Amish beard. Griffey with an Amish beard would rock. I think that should be his next goal to reach. 500 home runs is nice, but can he play with an Amish beard? If Brian Daubach can do it, I'm sure Ken Griffey Jr. can do it successfully.

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