September 13, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #8: Carter for Bonderman

This trade comes in from Matt in Manchester, Connecticut.

Giving: Jeremy Bonderman, #58 (red back)
Getting: "Clutch Hitting," 1987 Fleer 1986 World Series factory insert set

Matt writes: "I chose this card to symbolize my favorite baseball moment of all time." Whether Matt knew it or not, this card symbolizes one of the very worst moments of my childhood: the 1986 World Series. I can still remember walking through the living room crying after the Red Sox lost in stunning Red Sox fashion to the Mets.

I didn't get over that series for a very long time. As they say at the trial of Ted Stryker in Airplane! II: The Sequel, when trying to determine the place of death:

Prosecutor: Over Macho Grande?
Witness: I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande.

The 1986 World Series will always be my Macho Grande. Thanks for bringing that one up, Matt.

If you want to get in on the fun and trade with me for a 2007 UD Goudey card, email me!


FelixP said...

the "over Macho Grande" gag was used in Airplane! 2: The Sequel, a slightly lesser movie to Airplane!

Offy said...

Fellow Sox fan here as well. '85 - '86 was when I was just starting to really follow sports on a regular basis. The Pats made the Superbowl and the Celtics had the best front court in the history of the league. Then this happens. Yes, up until 2004, being a Sox fan meant dealing with heartache, but to be dealt such a huge blow so early in my fandom. That's just not right. Dewey really deserved that ring too. I think that these days that's what bothers me most about losing that series.