September 22, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #25: Gibson for Griffey, Jr.

This trade comes in from Adam in Madison, Alabama.

Giving: Bob Gibson, #212
Getting: Ken Griffey, Jr., 1995 Pinnacle

If you're like me, this trade works for two reasons. The first is that Gibson is a base card in Goudey, and one of a handful of retired greats. Though in my box I didn't receive too many retired players (Fisk, Gibson, Gwynn, Mattingly, Ryan), I'm assuming that there will be as many (if not more) baseball greats in this set as there were in the annoying Play Ball set from a few years back.

The second reason is that the bubble gum bubble on the Griffey card looks really fake. I mean, the airbrush artists were able to match Griffey's pantomimed angle, but the bubble is way too perfect, complete with patches of reflected light. It looks like an off-spring of Kirby from those Nintendo games is eating Griffey's face.

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