September 16, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #16: Maddux for Nettles

This trade comes from Ricky in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Giving: Greg Maddux, #44 (red back)
Getting: Jim Nettles, 1972 Topps

I know a lot of stuff's been written about the 1972 set; it's kind of a tired subject to find something new in the story. But here's something: besides the Electric Company front-of-card design and the ironically action-less In Action subset, it's the first set to feature a 'Traded' subset.

And these cards are hard to find, to boot. A few months ago I bought the Joe Morgan (that he had signed across the front in ballpoint pen) for a few dollars and just last weekend I bought the Frank Robinson at a show for $20. It's such a great subset that the $20 was one of the most expensive single cards I've ever purchased (what do you want from me; I'm not a big spender on single cards).

This is kinda funny: Jim is Graig's brother; Greg is Mike's brother. Also, says here Jim was hitting a mean .368 at instructional league level before breaking his wrist in 1970. Gotta love Topps for pointing out the good times and sealing the deal with the bad.

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