September 13, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #11: Colon for Griffey Jr League Leader

This trade comes in from Steve in Ringwood, New Jersey.

Giving: Bartolo Colon, #14 (red back)
Getting: Ken Griffey, Jr., 1998 Topps League Leader

This card of Colon is one of my favorite from the set. Why am I such a sucker for cards where the pitcher has the ball thrust at the camera? Is it because it makes him look like a little kid with a 'Look what I've got' pose? Or is it because nobody could ever look tough in a fake pitch pose? I hope I randomly pick the Carlos Zambrano card to trade, because that guy looks like he's got a score to settle. But Bartolo Colon? Eh, he's just proud that he can still grip a baseball. Look, he'll even show you...

Get something for nothing ... Trade with me!

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