August 17, 2007

One More Note About White Plains

If you click on the link in the post below, and then click on Chris's link for the show promoters, make sure you watch the slide show of pictures from last year's ECN. About halfway through, past the photos of Darryl Strawberry struggling to figure out where he is and the ones of Cliff Johnson looking fat and bored, there are a few of Juan Marichal. What's great about Marichal's photos is that the guy working for the promoter has labeled them: "Juan Marichal, 1962 Yankee World Series Champ!".

I guess even Yankees fans are prone to revisionist history once in a while. Let's finish the job for them. Here's your White Plains Revisionist Yankees (Hall of Fame edition):

P- Juan Marichal
C- Roy Campanella
1B - Eddie Murray
2B - Joe Morgan
3B - Mike Schmidt
SS - Ozzie Smith
OF - Ted Williams
OF - Ty Cobb
OF - Al Simmons

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