May 16, 2007

Life in Pictures: Dennis Hopson

Some of the most telling stories don't even employ words. Sometimes, everything can be said in just two pictures. Ask any ad-man worth his salt and he'll tell you that the testimonial is a powerful selling tool, but the before and after photos are the real kicker to any sell. So, in the spirit of Charles Atlas, here's Dennis Hopson, king of Michigan Avenue, all of Chicago just within his grasp. And here's Dennis Hopson, lost and forlorn Sacramento King, with rejection and disillusion written all over his face.

It's an achievement, Hopson's sad transformation from first to worst captured in two perfect photos on one single basketball card. I hope the Skybox photo editor helped himself to a cigar after putting this card together. Newspaper photo editors have won Pulitzers for framing less emotion.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

on the front of the card he looks like he is about to be knocked into a sidepocket by a neon billards ball