March 13, 2007

Sportflics Division: 6. 1973 Cubs vs.
11. 1978 Dodgers

Scoring: The two cards go head-to-head in each of the eleven categories, with the victor of each category winning a point. Extra points available where noted.

Teamwork Extra points for symmetry (even if entirely coincidental)
Coach Attire Extra points for eccentricity and/or coordination
Floating Heads Extra points if heads constitute borderline religious experience
Card Design
Photo Quality
Number of Players
Special Notation of Futility
World Champions

1973 Cubs (6) vs. 1978 Dodgers (11)

Teamwork: The Cubs know they’re a mediocre ballclub. You can see it in the way they photograph: they want to be upbeat, but deep down they know it’s pointless. That the guy at the end of the third row is talking just about sums it up: they just don’t give a shit. And to admit that in your team photo, well, that takes balls. Likewise, the Dodgers are loose, they’re carefree, and it almost seems like they’re poised to run away with the National League. 1973 Cubs: 3 points | 1978 Dodgers: 2 points

Coach Attire: Despite the early Seventies three-quarters length sports coat on the guy in the Cubs photo, and the fact that the other attendants are just wearing polyester Cubs pullovers, the Cubs are well coordinated. The Dodger coaches, on the other hand, are not—even bordering on the stereotypical Southern California eccentric. Is that all the way to the right in a bomber jacket? And white shoes? Two points apiece. 1973 Cubs: 2 points | 1978 Dodgers: 2 points

Uniforms: That Cubs uniform is really striking: it’s a regular white uniform with the Cubs logo directly over the heart (where it would inflict the most damage). The Dodger uniform is classic, but you can’t see it in this photo, so you’ll just have to go on memory. 1973 Cubs: 2 points | 1978 Dodgers: 2 points

Background: Are the Dodgers in Dodger Stadium? Who green-lit this shot? Why don’t they have the outfield in the background, or sans Dodger Stadium outfield, why couldn’t they take their team photo in Vero Beach or something? They get no points. The Cubs get 3 points for having the smarts to pose in front of the ivy. 1973 Cubs: 3 points | 1978 Dodgers: 0 points

Personnel: 1973 Cubs: Santo, Williams (HOF), Jenkins (HOF), Hundley, Monday… 1978 Dodgers: Baker, Garvey, Sutton (HOF), Smith, Lopes, Hough, Lasorda, Monday... 1973 Cubs: 3 points | 1978 Dodgers: 3 points

Card Design: I’m going to go against type here and go with the Cubs. Not too long ago I started a countdown of sets made between 1948 and 1979. I didn’t get far into it before I realized that I had to slow it down. Anyways, that countdown will resurface occasionally, and when it does, you’ll see that I have that 1978 set ranked rather high. I really like the clean and simple design, utilizing a script that’s as easy as tying your shoes. But I’m going to have to side with the over-the-top, blaring CUBS on this one, simply because it’s positively screaming that you pay attention to it. 1973 Cubs: 3 points | 1978 Dodgers: 2 points

Photo Quality: Neither is great. The Dodgers are overexposed and the Cubs are all blurry. 1973 Cubs: 1 point | 1978 Dodgers: 1 point

Number of Players: 39 Cubs, 37 Dodgers. 1973 Cubs: 2 points | 1978 Dodgers: 2 points

Total Score: 1973 Cubs: 18 points
1978 Dodgers: 14 points


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Anyone know what a 1973 Cubs poster (like one shown above) signed by all the players, would go for? I'm having trouble finding that info on the web.
Any help would be appreciated.