February 05, 2007

The Mike Cuellar Story

This weekend I did the unimaginable: I willingly traveled to Long Island. The Babylon Sports Card and Memorabilia Show to be exact. And I had a good time, and by 'good time' I mean as good a time as can be had in an American Legion Hall surrounded by mealy commons (I loaded up on cheap 1970s. Nice!) and crusty dealers. Anyway, my big score came late into the show when I purchased sixteen different 'This Is Your Life'-style comics booklets Topps put out in 1970. To celebrate my newfound love of late Sixties/early Seventies Topps inserts, I'm going to post one comic booklet a week for the next four months, a nice little addition to the blog. And now, for your viewing pleasure, The Mike Cuellar Story. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

If you are into odd ball sets from late 60's early 70's, try the 1971 Topps Super set. It is loaded with HOF's and some near HOF's (like Rose, Boog Powell, etc.) You can pick up a set on ebay for $150-200, maybe less if you work at it. My favorite card is the Rose, sporting the first year of the new Polyester blend Big Red Machine uni's of the mid-70's.