November 13, 2006

Today I Wonder If Frank Riccelli Lives Near the Crispin Porter + Bogusky Office, Because He Looks A Helluva Lot Like The Creepy Burger King Mascot

The title of this post says it all. It has to be just a coincidence that Riccelli strikes an uncanny similarity to Bogusky’s interpretation of ‘The King’.

Which brings up an important point: if you can't remember what you did the night before and you wake up to find Riccelli in your bed offering you a sausage and egg biscuit with a maniacal shit-eating grin, try not to be too obvious in your dialing of the cops—I bet he can smell fear. I mean, he did have a pretty formidable ERA in the International League at Charleston in 1978 (2.78).

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Mikemccroskey said...

While there may be some resemblance to the burger King in this picture, I can tell you from personal experience that Frank is one prince of a guy. Having known Frank since meeting him during his unsucessful rehab from Tommy John surgery, an injury suffered after he had won his last 2 starts for the Astros, beating the Giants, striking out Willie Mays; and the Reds where he, also, hit a 3 run double in addition to pitching the win; I can honestly say he is one of the finest men and best friends that I have had in my life. We played softball for many years together. Frank was and is an incredible power hitter, he is still sought out for tournament play today thougn now in his fifties . His hitting power is also evident in his golf game, he is currently a 3 handicap and still has aspirations for the senior tour. Frank, the number 1 draft pick for the Giants in 1971, is (as my wife is fond to say) a man you could trust your kids with, not one you would call the cops on. I only fear you do not measure up to this man you malign.

Mike Mcroskey