November 04, 2006

Today I Feel Sorry For:
Lonely Paul Molitor, circa 1981

Molitor looks so sad all by himself. And why is the photographer so far away from him? Did he want to prove that the young Brewer actually had legs? Also, this is one of the few posed cards I’ve seen where there are fans in the stands behind the posed player. I’m guessing that one of three things happened: a Topps rival bribed ballpark security to give the Donruss photographer a hard time, he was running late or Gorman Thomas demanded thirty-five shots be taken of him in various positions, pushing sad-sack Molitor’s time down to just thirty seconds before game time.

Or maybe Molitor wanted a shot of him with his entire extended family in it, so that’s why there are people in the stands. I just don’t know. But something’s definitely not right with this card.

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