November 10, 2006

Quick Note On Trying to Race a Horse

Were those doctors ever able to fix Barbaro’s leg? Sometimes I wonder what Sparky told the Tigers in 1984 that boosted them over the top…or was it something more? Because I’ve never thought it was a good idea for a man to enter himself in horse races (and then to be considered the favorite—he must have been doping!).

What has Garbey been doing all these years since he retired? Judging from the way he performed in The Kentucky Derby this year, I’d say he’s been doing a lot of bulking up and early-morning wind sprints, and not so much grazing, as retired ballplayers are wont to do. But then, when he got hurt in the Preakness, well, it makes you think, you know? Like maybe entering yourself in high-stakes horse races—not as some kind of joke, but as a real thing that you’re going to carry through—is not such a great idea.

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