October 09, 2006

1974 Topps #649T Fernando Gonzalez

Something tells me that Fernando wasn’t very happy about getting traded from the Pirates to the Royals. Who could blame him? This card is fun, because unlike the other Traded cards in the 1974 set, it really looks like the Topps photographer was the one who broke the news to the player that he better pack his bags. And Gonzalez is just so goddamn emotive in his facial expression. Is he sad? Angry? Overjoyed? Constipated? I honestly don’t know.

Maybe he had just lost an argument with Al Oliver where the loser was to be traded. That would make me angry too. Also, one last thing. Why in the hell would Topps go to the trouble of coloring in Fernando’s collar blue if it was obvious that he was in sunny spring training in Florida with the rest of the Pittsburgh Pirates? Why not just use an action shot of him with the rest of the Pirate infield, only make him look like he’s wearing the Kansas City uniform? I mean really, how dumb did they think we were?

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Cliff said...

I always though this one looked like a mug shot. You might enjoy this post, where I feature Fernando and some other funny-looking ballplayers: