May 02, 2006

Hey Boo Boo is reporting that yet another erroneous baseball card has seen its price soar. And it's a Royal! Who has yet to play at the Major League level! The article also has a nice little summary of several of the baseball card errors that many of you have pointed out in the time since Ben started writing.


The Rev said...

Wow... trip down memory lane there.

Alex Gordon has to become a superstar now. He owes it to the baseball card world after this.

Anonymous said...

Here are my top ten sets from the 80's. I am not including traded sets.

10. 1984 Topps - Classis design, Mattingly RC, 1984 was "My Favorite Year"
9. 1983 Fleer - Clean design, great RC selection, the coming out party for Fleer.
8. 1987 Donruss - Great RC crop, Clemente, Tuff Black Borders
7. 1987 Fleer - First "Premium" card set, great RC selection, All-Star cards.
6. 1989 Upper Deck - Hobby-changing set, top five RC of all time in Griffey, still more interesting to collect than today's stuff.
5. 1986 Donruss - Miami Vice Baby. Oh that Canseco RC was HOT. Got to give it up for the HOF's in their prime throughout the set, again with Tuff borders.
4. 1984 Fleer - Plain, simple, classic, Mattingly RC, scarce supply, and great HOF's.
3. 1985 Fleer - The Rocket RC dominates another clean and crisp set. Throw in Puckett and one-time RC superstars like Eric Davis and Dr. K, and its nostalgia central.
2. 1985 Donruss - See above #3, only with a more mid-80's design feel. Gotta love the Seaver error card and the Two for the Title special.
1. 1984 Donruss - The pinnacle of 80's sets. Best design, best photography. Outstanding RC crop. Numerous errors/variations. SCARCEST MAINSTREAM ISSUE OF THE 80s. Just try and find a Gem-Mint Omar Moreno. I did!!!! (Just haven't gotten it graded yet) ;)

Anonymous said...

the 06 topps has a ton of errors. heck, the royals team card doesn't even have a picture of the team on it- it simply has a picture of the outfield of kauffman.

Jason K said...

84 Topps was my favorite as well. Whats with that set?