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March 24, 2012

Collector Stories

Everybody has a favorite card, or a story about how they got a particular card. Maybe you found it in a pack, or maybe at a garage sale or got it as a gift. It's your favorite because it strikes a chord with you. Maybe it's a funny card or one of a favorite player. Or maybe it was your first card you ever got, or the last one you needed to complete a set. Whatever it may be, The Baseball Card Blog wants your story. Like our Custom Cardwork Gallery page, we're going to set up a Collector Stories page.

The Collector Stories page will consist of videos (either YouTube, Vimeo, or another Web-based video-upload service that allows users to embed their video on another page) about your favorite card and how you got it.

We want to know...

Why is it your favorite card? Where did you get it? How long have you been collecting trading cards? 

We have a few guidelines for submitting videos:

1. You may have many favorites. Limit yourself to one card per video. (Yes, you can submit multiple videos!)
2. Keep it short. We won't accept videos longer than 5 minutes.
3. We respect your privacy, but please identify yourself in the video. We don't have to see your face, but tell us your first name and the city/town or state where you are.

We're doing this because favorite cards hold a special place with collectors. You might have a huge collection or a small collection. Or maybe you just want to show off a funny card you found. You don't have to have your own blog, and the card doesn't have to be made by a certain manufacturer. You may be new to collecting or have been a collector your whole life—it doesn't matter. As long as you follow our three simple guidelines, we'll post your video.

Email us a link to your video and share your story!
(We will not include your email address when we post the video.)

July 22, 2008

Another Reason to Be a Facebook Fan

We're over 100 Facebook Fans, and counting! If you're a Facebook Fan of The Blog, glad to have you!

If you haven't become a fan yet, now there's one more reason to make the leap: I've uploaded a set of 50 scans of some of my favorite cards, with commentary on each.

I'll be doing some summer cleaning around here this week and next, dusting off old series and bringing out new ideas, so keep checking back. One thing I'd love to incorporate on the blog is video, but I'm not quite sure how to do that yet. I also didn't get my act together this year and therefore won't be attending the National next week in Chicago. I'll have to think of something fun to do on the Blog to make up for it...